Monday, February 15, 2016

Episode 15: Natalie Strand

In this episode, I'm talking to my friend, Natalie Strand, about her recent visit to Walt Disney World. Natalie traveled with a small group so we discuss how that went, as well as her adventures all around the World.

You can listen to the show on the player above, or at Podbean, or you can subscribe in iTunes. 

In the show, Natalie shared about her creative and fun way of keeping track of all her journaling. I absolutely love how she did it and I plan to use this idea on my upcoming trip to Disney.

Check this out...Natalie made these adorable journals for each day of her trip! I cannot get over how cute they are!! I love how colorful and fun they are and how easy they would be to stick in your purse.

Check out some inside pages...

I love it! I'm totes copying you, Natalie!

Natalie was also gracious enough to share all these wonderful photos from her trip. She totally scooped me on the "Disney Bounding" idea. I've learned all about it now and Caroline is planning to dress like Minnie Mouse for our day that we'll meet her.

Here is Natalie Disney bounding (dressing in similar colors to a character) and her daughter:

Aren't they the cutest!?

I love these photos too, so cute...

Here's my favorite photo she shared with me. This is of her daughter and Rapunzel. Oh my heart!

I hope you enjoyed seeing these and hearing about Natalie's trip and I hope it inspires you to document your own Disney memories. Find out more about Natalie here on her blog.

Thanks for listening and stopping by! Have a magical day. :)

Monday, February 1, 2016

Episode 14: Kerry Buckley

Well hello again. :) So back in June of last year, I was plugging along on putting a new Magic Memory Keepers podcast up regularly when I had a little snafu. I taped an episode with one of my favorite people and it rocked. I rocked. After we finished the interview, I forgot to hit save in the recording software. I left the show file open on the studio computer and went out to dinner and when I came back to finish it up, the entire file was corrupted and the show was lost. I was so distraught over the loss of that incredible recording that I didn't really know what to do next. I thought about recording it again but I hated to ask the person to do it again and I felt it might sound insincere if we recorded it twice.

So I did nothing. I pondered and procrastinated and weeks turned into months and then I started my third podcast, Live Inspired and worked on several class projects and my days just became too full to juggle anything else.

So here we are and it's a new year and it's the first of February and I'm getting this train back on track! At the very least, I will post a new episode on the 1st of each month. At the very most, it will be the 1st and the 15th.

Thanks for your patience as I took time to get things back on track. I briefly considered giving up this show because I am paying hosting fees every month and it is an investment of my time but as you can clearly hear in this episode, talking about Disney is just my favorite thing to do. I think I am my happiest when I'm talking about the happiest place on Earth.

So without further adieu, here is a new episode for you to enjoy!

This episode features my friend, Kerry Buckley, who messaged me two days prior to her trip last fall, to ask me an important question.

You can listen to the show on Podbean, on the player above or subscribe in iTunes.

Kerry and I talk about she and her daughter attending the Perfectly Princess Tea Party at The Grand Floridian Resort where her daughter was given her very own Disney American Girl princess.

I was absolutely astounded to hear about this event because a) I love all things American Girl and b) I had no clue it existed.

Check out these adorable pictures of Kerry's daughter at the tea. This looks like a really fun event for little girls who love the princesses. As Kerry shares in the show, it is quite an expense, but one you might consider investing in if you have a daughter.

Here's the adorable shot of the ears we talked about at the beginning of the show...

Here's a great one she snapped with her phone and check out the cute ears at the bottom! Kerry said, 

"I literally took it with my iPhone as we were walking out of the
park at MNNSH. The mouse ears at the bottom were NOT
planned, but they are AMAZING! ha!"

I agree!!! I want to try and get this shot myself now!

Kerry is a talented scrapbooker and I'd love for you to check out her work on her blog, Kerry's Paper Crafts. Get ready to be inspired!!

I have another new episode to share with you. That show will be up Monday, February 15th so watch for that! :)

Have a magical day!