Monday, February 15, 2016

Episode 15: Natalie Strand

In this episode, I'm talking to my friend, Natalie Strand, about her recent visit to Walt Disney World. Natalie traveled with a small group so we discuss how that went, as well as her adventures all around the World.

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In the show, Natalie shared about her creative and fun way of keeping track of all her journaling. I absolutely love how she did it and I plan to use this idea on my upcoming trip to Disney.

Check this out...Natalie made these adorable journals for each day of her trip! I cannot get over how cute they are!! I love how colorful and fun they are and how easy they would be to stick in your purse.

Check out some inside pages...

I love it! I'm totes copying you, Natalie!

Natalie was also gracious enough to share all these wonderful photos from her trip. She totally scooped me on the "Disney Bounding" idea. I've learned all about it now and Caroline is planning to dress like Minnie Mouse for our day that we'll meet her.

Here is Natalie Disney bounding (dressing in similar colors to a character) and her daughter:

Aren't they the cutest!?

I love these photos too, so cute...

Here's my favorite photo she shared with me. This is of her daughter and Rapunzel. Oh my heart!

I hope you enjoyed seeing these and hearing about Natalie's trip and I hope it inspires you to document your own Disney memories. Find out more about Natalie here on her blog.

Thanks for listening and stopping by! Have a magical day. :)


  1. Tracie I have to let you know that I went to Disney World in December with my parents and I have a PhotoPass horror story! I have never been able to get my pictures from them. I did not prepay for the service but I usually order one pic with the cute graphics on it as a souvenir after I return home. I did look at them while I was at my parents home (probably after the first day) but was not ready to make a decision. Now I cannot access the site at all! I have emailed and posted on FB but received no reply.

    1. You should call them! I had to call because not all my photos were showing up on my account. They were able to search and find them all for me! good luck!

  2. Love the little notebooks! I'm going to have to make some-so cute!My experience with Photopass/Memory Maker is the opposite of Theresa's- I got it the last time, and am so glad I did. I had a few photos that weren't "the best" quality, but I got over 250 photos from Memory Maker for a 5 day trip the last time, and I got to be in the photos!I took my DSLR too, but I used it more to capture the memories and details. I loved getting the ride photos and everything, and for me-it's the best value at Disney. Definitely getting it again.

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  4. Tracy,
    Once again you kill me with a great podcast! I found myself answering out loud to the discussion as you went back and forth with questions and answers! I'm a total Disney Junkie and when we retire(years away!) I plan to move to WDW and be a greeter! "Welcome to the happiest place on earth!" My family thinks I'm kidding- won't they be surprised when the moving van shows up one day!�� Also- serious tears rolling down my cheeks over the kiss from Flynn Ryder and that last photo! A great character can make a trip one of a lifetime!

    1. Marge-- it makes me tear up to think about it still, too! :) Glad that you enjoyed the podcast!! :)

  5. I was skeptical about the photo pass at first too. It was my husband who said we should do it. Now I won't go to a park without it. Like Natalie, it is my souvenir. I love how easy it is. I get a lot more group pictures and pictures with both my husband and I in them. The ride photos and dining photos added give it even more value. My favorite part is the characters. I have two boys ages 5 and 3. I have been taking them to the parks since they were one month old. When they meet characters, they believe they are real and while they probably won't remember, I will never forget how magical that is. I have these moments captured from 3 different angles. An interaction that only lasts a minute or two has like 20 pictures. My mom usually travels with us so she, my husband or I, and the photographer are all there trying to capture the best moment. Also because I know the photographer has my back, I am more willing to put down the camera and be a part of the moment too, playing with the characters and my kids. Bonus, I have had some fantastic photographers who suggested poses and pictures I would never have thought to take. One example was in Cars Land in Disney's California Adventure. The photographer had us pretend we were driving cars and then he was throwing out situations we had to react to like our favorite song is on the radio and your husband just cut you off. It was fun being silly in the middle of the street and we have several cute photos we never would have thought of on our own.