Friday, April 15, 2016

Episode 16: Jayne Kierce

In this episode, I'm talking to my lovely friend, Jayne Kierce, who flew from Australia to Disneyland for a 9 day trip alone! I am fascinated by how brave Jayne is and it was a joy to hear about her experience.

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I appreciate Jayne sharing her story. I think it's inspiring for anyone who wants to visit Disney alone!! Check out these adorable photos of Jayne on her trip. I love how happy she looks in these


Check out Jayne's adorable layouts from her previous Disney trips...

I hope you enjoyed hearing Jayne's story and thanks for hanging in there until I could get a new show up. I got very behind after several weeks of sickness and injury but I hope to be back on track now! :)


  1. Very happy that you got it up! Can't wait to listen!

  2. I am so happy this is up I love these podcasts

  3. So enjoyed hearing about Jayne's trip. Her scrapbook looks wonderful. I can imagine Disney Paris! Thanks Tracie for another great episode!

  4. Hi Traci,

    the podcast was very enjoyable! We just returned from our third trip to Disneyland and this time we went with 13 people, We have taken each of our kids when they turned 5.
    I just wanted to say that I feel like it is such a false statement that you can see Disneyland and California adventure in a day or two and if you ever plan to go, please give yourself more time! We bought a 5 day park hopper and if I could have I would have bought a 7 day pass! It was wonderful to hear about her solo trip! Love your podcasts!

  5. It was a lot of fun to hear about Jayne's recent trip. I wanted to hear more about Tokyo Disney (Tokyo Disney Sea is my DREAM PARK). I hope you're feeling better and you stay feeling better through your Disney Trip (2 weeks now I think!)
    I just got back from DLR this week... I only had a couple of days, not nearly enough time but any Disney day is better than NO Disney day!

  6. Her pictures of the park inspire me to take and use more. My husband takes pictures of the parades and other things but I rarely scrap these. I have so many pictures already with people in them that I struggle making room for other pictures. One of the things I love about Disney is how much detail and thought they put into everything and yet I don't include these details in my pages.

  7. We went to Disneyland in March and I used the Ridemax app to help us maximize our rides. It sure did work. I'm curious if you have used this or other apps?

    1. Susan, just now remembered to check here for comments! No, I've never heard of Ridemax. I have my entire days planned down to the minute but I do use the Disney app to see the wait times once our FP+ are gone.

  8. Loved this epiosode! I have never been to Disney, nor can I envisage ever going - but I love this podcast because I can apply it to other theme parks and events.